nick 10.01.14 08:01:14
Καλησπέρα Fotini !

Let to be Club (for pics) and Tiffany Club !! Linked to BS Club.
To create commented pict, it has to be uploaded at the portal, then shown.

Νικο (Lion of Brooke programming :))

tiff 10.01.14 07:01:06
How do i add pics in my portal if i want to?

SAMPLEs: LOOK by Edit button pics (photo from here or tiff-portal):

1) Look by Edit button at your message how to insert Leave.jpg
press <img>-button to add <img src='files/Leave.jpg' width='450'>
2) Text Editor has button File (press there), to upload new photo
Name the pictures like (to find easy): brooke_tiff01.jpg or so on

tiff 10.01.14 07:01:32
Καλησπέρα Νικο/ Kalispera Niko = Good evening Nick.

nick 10.01.14 03:01:50
Kαλημέρα, Fotini ! Great Brooke pics !
"Pat and Patashon": Danish komedy actors: LOOK ON YOUTUBE

nick 07.01.14 09:01:56
The Brooke Site and Friendly Forum

Girlz of Forum (click photo): adventures, adventures, adventures !!!

The Brooke Shields Super Starr 2014!

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