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Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields
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By Eugenic Sheppard

Though Brooke Shields was just 12 years old on her last birthday, May 31, she has already written her autobiography and the things that have happened to her in that short time more than justify the story.

The autobiography along with some other poems, will be included in "The Brooke book," along with advertisements she has posed for and stills from movies in which she had parts.

Compiled by John Holland, a friend of the family, it will be published in an oversize paperback by Pocket Books (Wallaby) next spring timed for the opening of the Louis Malle film, "Pretty Baby," in which Brooke will have star billing for the first time.

Brooke is the daughter of notoriously handsome, 6-foot-7, Revlon vice president Frank Shields and his first wife, Teri, an attractive ex-model.

Her grandfather on the Shields side was Francis X. Shield, whose name was synonymous with tennis, and her grandmother was Princess Marina Torlonia, on International beauty. To 30 back even further, her great-grandmother was Olivia Moore of Boston, who went to Europe and married Italian Prince Torlonia in the days when girls didn't do such daring things.

"Sometimes I think I look like my grandmother, but I know I look like my father. I think he worries about what I'm doing, but I don't quite know why," Brooke said this week of Maureen Lambrey's photo studio. She was wearing a shirt and jeans and sitting remarkably still as hair stylist Francois gave her pig-tail pin curls.

Brooke was photographed for the first time by Francesco Scavullo wnen she was 7 months old as an Ivory soap baby.

When she was 8 she had a small part in a movie, and at 10 she was a little girl in "A Prince in the Park," which had Ruth Gordon in the cast.

In between, her delicate, expressive little face became familiar in the advertisements for children's clothes.

"Lots of scripts are sent to us. My mother and I read all of them together and discuss them. I turned down 'Jaws' because I was supposed to be a 15-year-old girl who got eaten by a shark, and I didn't like the Idea," she said yesterday.

She has just come back from New Orleans where she spent three months for the filming of "Pretty Baby."

"I'm the pretty baby," she said.

"It's a turn-of-the-century picture. I wear long black stockings and high button shoes. The story is all about a house of prostitutes, and in the end I become one. Doing the part was quite a lot of fun."

This year she is changing schools from Lenox to the new Lincoln, where she will enter seventh grade.

"I don't have any trouble doing both school work and fitting in my jobs. I just tell the school ahead of time and its easy to catch up. In Lenox my friends grew along with me and didn't feel there was anything unusual about my life. In the new school they may be more likely to notice the difference.''

In her own soft, quiet way, Brooke seems to have caught up with herself and to know exactly where she is going, including the tour years of college for which she is saving the money she earns.

It's true that none of her peers have told her that she's beautiful, "but I've sometimes felt that some of the boys would like to if they knew what to say."

Brooke and her mother, Teri, live in on East Side apartment with two cats and Teri has a black jeep in which she drives her daughter to her jobs and picks her up.

They leave today for a ranch in Arizona, where they will visit for a few weeks. Brooke won a medal for best all-around athlete at a summer day camp a few years ago, but riding a bucking bronco was not included.

THE NEW YORK POST, July 15, 1977

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